How to Participate

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Online pre-registration is mandatory to participate in 2021 Jeju Olle Walking Festival. On-site registration is not allowed. This year, group or companion registration is not available as participants’ personal information need to be collected for precautionary measures to trace and contain the spread of COVID-19. Please submit the application individually.

Choose any of 23 days and 23 routes you want. You can also participate multiple days. 20 participants will be accepted in order of payment. Registration is divided into phase 1 and 2 depending on your participation type.

Registration Phase 1 : 23-Day, 23-Route Thru-Hikers
  • Finish all routes during the festival and make unforgettable memories. Up to 460 thru-hike applicants will hike 23 routes for 23 consecutive days from October 22nd.

  • Starting from Route 1, each route will have up to 20 applicants who will be assigned in order of registration. Setting off from the route they are assigned to, applicants will finish 23 routes one by one to complete their thru-hike mission.Select a route for October 22 (Friday) then the rest of the itinerary builds up automatically. (i.e. select route 1 for October 22 (Friday) and then the rest of the itinerary goes as route 2 for October 23 (Sat), route 3-A for October 24 (Sun), route 4 for October 25 (Mon), and so on)

Registration Phase 2 : Choose the date and the route you want
  • Choose from the remaining slots from registration phase 1. Short-term participation is available.

  • If you wish to change the route, you may do so within the number of tickets you have purchased. If you wish to choose more than the number of tickets, you will have to cancel the entire payment and re-register. When you re-register for the route, some of the routes you’ve previously register for may be closed.

※ The Jeju Olle Walking Festival may be reduced in size or cancelled entirely depending on the COVID-19 situation.

WE WALK: How to better enjoy the 2021 Jeju Olle Walking Festival

WE WALK is Jeju Olle's official tour package, making it easy and fun to enjoy the Jeju Olle Walking Festival. It is an all-inclusive package of transportation service to and from starting/finishing points throughout the festival, accommodations, meals, activities. The package is effective on 25 routes, including the 23 festival routes as well as route 1-1 (Udo Island) and 10-1 (Gapa-do Island), and you may add another tour package for route 18-1 (Chuja-do Island) either before or after the festival. WE WALK is developed and managed by Jeju Olle's corporate partner, social enterprise PongNang.

Foreigners are welcome to participate, but please note that there will be no interpretation service available, and all tours will be escorted by a Korean tour guide.

※ No foreign language service available for the tour, fully operated in Korean only.


Online Registration

※ 2021 Jeju Olle Walking Festival is open only for participants who completed online registration.

  • Registration Period

    - Phase 1   (23-Day Thru-Hike): August 2nd(Mon) ~ August 27th (Fri), 17:00
    - Phase 2   (Selective Participation, 1~22 days): September 3rd (Fri) ~ October 15th(Fri), 17:00

  • Cancellation and Refund

    - Phase 1 : until August 30th (Wed), 17:00
    - Phase 2 : until October 18th (Mon), 17:00

    ※ You may make cancellation under ‘Mypage’.

  • Registration Fee

    ※ Registration is confirmed upon payment

    - 23-day Thru-hike : 70,000KRW per person

    * Jeju Olle Walking Festival official souvenir, Jeju Olle Passport, thru-hike certification sticker and badge are included

    - Selective Participation (1~22 days) :Participation fees, souvenirs, and on-site events vary by participation dates.
    1. Five-day ticket (more than one day, less than six days) : KRW 30,000, Jeju Olle Walking Festival official souvenirs
    2. Ten-day ticket (more than one day, less than 11 days) : KRW 40,000, Jeju Olle Walking Festival official souvenirs, two additional souvenirs
    3. Fifteen-day ticket (more than one day, less than 16 days) : KRW 50,000, Jeju Olle Walking Festival official souvenirs, three additional souvenirs
    4. Twenty-two-day ticket (more than one day, less than 23 days): KRW 60,000, Jeju Olle Walking Festival official souvenirs, four additional souvenirs

  • Payment

    - Credit/debit card payment is available upon submission of application. (VISA, MASTER ,JCB, AMEX)
    - For those who cannot make credit card transaction may make bank transfer.
    - Name of participant and account holder must be identical when making bank transfer
    · Bank Information : NH Nonghyup 301-0214-9587-51 Jeju Olle Foundation (농협 301-0214-9587-51 (사) 제주올레)
    - Payment Due :
    ·  Phase 1   (23-Day Thru-Hike): August 27th (Fri), 17:00
    · Phase 2   (Selective Participation, 1~22 days): October 15th(Fri), 17:00
    - For request of cancellation and refund, please provide us with bank name, name of account holder, and account number to

  • Where to Receive Official Souvenir

    You can receive official souvenirs at one of four locations below:
    · Jeju Olle Information Center in Jeju International Airport(Jeju-si) : In front of domestic flight arrival gate (08:00-21:00, everyday)
    · Route 21 Information Center - 471-1 Sangdo-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju City (Hours: 08:00-17:00, Lunch break 12:00-13:00)
    · Route 15 Information Center - 2019-17 Daerim-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju City (Hours: 08:00-17:00, Lunch break 12:00-13:00)
    · Jeju Olle Tourist Center(Seogwipo-si) : 22, Jungjeong-ro, Seogwipo-si (08:00-23:00, everyday)

    ※You may receive festival souvenirs at designated location from October 21st(Thur) 8AM till November 16th(Sat)
    ※ Please select souvenir pick-up location with your registration
    ※ Check the opening hours of the souvenir pick-up location you choose

Official Souvenir Delivery

If you didn’t make cancellation by the deadline (October 13th, (Tue) 17:00), you may receive your 2021 Jeju Olle Walking Festival official souvenir package delivered, paying delivery fee on arrival. This delivery service is for who reside in Korea only, and is available upon request to avoid return to sender cases. Be sure to make a delivery request within the application period and give your exact address.

  • Application Period

    until November 24th (Wed), 17:00

  • Send Your Application to with your name, date of birth, address and contact details.

  • Inquiry

    Jeju Olle Foundation : 064-762-2172

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